My ‘Roger Ebert’s FFC’ Links

The Official Banner for Ebert's Foreign Correspondents Blog, which I designed!

I’m lucky enough to be one of Roger Ebert’s few Far-Flung Correspondents (the youngest one, in fact!)

Ebert desribes the Foreign Correspondents blog as “a feature of Roger Ebert’s Journal in which film commentators from all over the world will contribute their video reviews, observations, musings, philosophies and pronouncements. In the wings are fine critics from  Canada, Egypt, India, Mexico, Pakistan, the Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan and Uruguay. These voices are not often heard on internet sites serving U.S. movie lovers. They’ve added immeasurably to the quality of the discussions on my blog.”

So far, I’ve written three articles for his blog.

The links are below 🙂


Before I became one of his Far-Flung Correspondents, he featured my videos on his site right here.

More recently, he featured my work here. On that page, he said of me, “Krishna is surely one of the most gifted young filmmakers on the internet.” 🙂

After seeing my short film “Photographs”, which he thought was “extraordinary”, he featured it here. 


6 responses to “My ‘Roger Ebert’s FFC’ Links

  • LJ

    umm.. on his pages it says “Krishna Shenoi from Bangalore”. Unless you want it that way.. shouldn’t it be “Krishna Shenoi from Dubai” ?

  • cinematicjackass

    It was that way. I later specified I wanted it to be Bangalore 🙂

  • Prasad

    Found you through Ebert.

    Great going, keep it up! Will keep stalking your blog :P.


  • Rakhi Brahmbhatt

    Hey, hi Krish…..well as I say this I m super excited.:)

    Came across u, flipping the pages of FRIDAY, and m thoroughly impressed the way u r going in ur lyf…..never seen and Indian kiddo make it so far..;)

    So, u made me ur new fan, eh….!!

    btw…..I m a teacher, an Indian, rite now at Al Ain…..nd quite new to this virtual world called the Internet..(only if u know dat teachers dont get enuf time for stuff of this kind)…….but it has surely triggered my interests in reading young people lyk u…….

    good going….keep it up….

  • va

    hello krishna, i saw you at ebertfest 2011 but i’m sorry we didnt chat any. i’ve just seen your website & work & read some of your posts… you are v talented… great work… all the best to you… on twitter, i’m @vanyc

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