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‘What do you see?’ (2)

(I mean no offense to anybody with this piece.)

What do you see in the picture below?

Comment below! Tell me what you see!

CLICK ON IMAGE FOR FULL SIZE VERSION. 'Silent Revolt', artwork by Krishna Shenoi


‘What do you see?’ (1)

I have an idea.

It all started when I uploaded some artwork I did on Paint onto Facebook. Friends wrote their interpretations of the piece in the comments, and I was most intrigued. They saw things in my art that I didn’t see myself.

So here’s the thing– I upload a piece of art every now and then, and keep comments open to interpretation, criticisms, suggestions, etc.

I’ll keep doing this, under the blog title and category ‘What do you see?’.

So… what do you see?

Comment below!

'Cry Moon' - artwork by Krishna Shenoi