About the Wannabe Blogger…


I’ve been obsessed with movies for as long as I can remember.

I used to make home movies with an old Sony camcorder, building blocks and clay models, employing very rough stop-motion animation techniques. Ray Harryhausen and Steven Spielberg were, and still are, great inspirations. I’m also a lover of several others… Guillermo DelToro, Robert Zemeckis, Tom Hanks, Regina Spektor, The Eels, and my imaginary girlfriend.

I’m not like most others, but neither am I much of a hipster. I’m very random in my thought flow, as you might notice right here in this write-up. I like comic-book superheroes and background scores of movies. See? Random thought flow. Sigh…

I’m quite a self-obsessed show-off, as you might notice from my blog-posts. So lemme show off – You can see my more recent films here, although I rarely update that website now (due to laziness, a trait I’m known for…). My YouTube channel can be found here.

I’m an exceptional bathroom singer, an extraordinary sneezer and a sensational farter. Oh, and I’m an attempting artist too. You can see my artwork here.

I’m a vehement reader of Roger Ebert. I learned most of what I know about movie criticism moseying around his wonderful reviews and his example-setting blog. I write (and read) a lot for pleasure. I’ve decided to put these skills to use on this blog, rather than on Facebook, like I used to, in hopes of reaching a larger audience.

I am proud to say that I am one of Roger Ebert’s Far Flung Correspondents. It’s this new feature of Ebert’s Journal in which film commentators from all over the world contribute their video reviews, observations, musings, philosophies and pronouncements. You can check out my FCC articles here. Ebert tells me I’m the youngest FFC (He also adds it shouldn’t get to my head)! ‘Friday’, a national magazine from the UAE, featured a three page article on my films, which has helped in half-convincing my parents that I should study media, film and arts as opposed to the original plan of engineering-medicine-or-architecture. Of course, my being Ebert’s correspondent helped too.

That’s about it, I guess. Maybe there’s something important about myself I might have overlooked in this little write-up. Oh well, I suppose it’ll pop up in a blog post somewhere. And even if it doesn’t, the world will still spin. Pardon my pompous humor.

Krishna Shenoi

Cinematic Jackass


5 responses to “About the Wannabe Blogger…

  • Sushil Mathew

    dude man ur so kewl dude…:D

  • Vikas

    Krishna, do you live in India?
    I’m Vikas; i live in Canada (born in Canada); parents from New Delhi/Punjab.

    You are a phenomenal writer and artist.
    I am a huge Roger Ebert fan, and found you through his website with your Zemeckis article. Very smartly written.


  • cinematicjackass

    Thanks for your kind words!

    I live in the UAE, but would hopefully end up in Bangalore around this time next year. 🙂

  • ashok

    How did you pull off the Ebert FFC coup? Is there some kind of submissions/selection process? Or did Ebert or one of his editors stumble across your blog??

  • cinematicjackass

    The Ebert FFC coup? Ha, I like that!

    Well, there’s no formal rule bound selection process or anything. He stumbled across my work online.

    In his own words, “I came to know about Krishna Shenoi when someone sent me a link to his Inception trailer as done by Hitchcock. [Check my YouTube channel.] Later, I found Shenoi’s video explaining the ‘giant special effects’ he used in one of his short films. I googled him, and was immediately impressed by the quality of his writing, his energy, his humour, his insights […] I’m happy to offer him some exposure on my site. His potential is enormous.”

    That’s about how I, err, pulled of the coup. 🙂

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