‘What do you see?’ (1)

I have an idea.

It all started when I uploaded some artwork I did on Paint onto Facebook. Friends wrote their interpretations of the piece in the comments, and I was most intrigued. They saw things in my art that I didn’t see myself.

So here’s the thing– I upload a piece of art every now and then, and keep comments open to interpretation, criticisms, suggestions, etc.

I’ll keep doing this, under the blog title and category ‘What do you see?’.

So… what do you see?

Comment below!

'Cry Moon' - artwork by Krishna Shenoi


10 responses to “‘What do you see?’ (1)

  • Sheela Mahesh

    I immediately thought Cry Baby! The moon seems to be sulking while the star is shining in the horizon .

    I love to derive some life lesson from everything I come across and to me this picture is all about keeping things in perspective. What seems to be tragic tooth moon is nothing but a puddle to the onlooker, who is more engrossed with the distant star spreading some cheer 🙂

    Now does that make any sense?

    Well done, Krishna

  • Ddh

    I choose not to delve too deep on this for fear of losing out. I see a crying moon being ignored by a man.

  • Ankur Vincent Peter

    Amazing how the tears of the moon give the onlooker a way up onto it. Like its sadness gives outsiders a way in.
    Can say the same for people too yes??
    The only times you can ‘really’ get to know a person is when they’re sad or hurt.
    When one is sad, he wants to shut the world out. And he’d like to think he has, but what he doesn’t know is that his tears, like the moon’s allow people to see more clearly inside him, while his vision is obscured.
    Meanwhile, the rest of the world moves on and the stars continue to shine.
    Beautiful piece Krishna!

  • Ddh

    Okay, that, to me represents everyday people, the masses, living out their personal tragedies ignored by each other.
    If we only shed our apathy and opened our eyes and ears to what was around us, things would be very different.

  • Ankur Vincent Peter

    I know right?!?!
    Everyone’s drowning in self pity, too caught up in it to see that others aren’t much better.
    Kinda reminds me of this story my mom told me when I was little,

    A man died. He was sinless, but he didn’t do any wrong in his life either. So in the afterlife, he got to choose between heaven and hell. He said he wanted to look before choosing. First he went to hell. He saw a long table with lots of delicious food on it with people on both sides. They had very long spoons and so they couldn’t get the food to their mouths. There was chaos and sadness and the sound of crying drowned everything.
    Then he went to heaven, and was surprised to see the exact same setup of long table, delicious food and long spoons. But here, things were different. Everyone was happy.
    Because they were feeding each other. 🙂

  • Roger Ebert

    The Moon just heard that DreamWorks has gone out of business, and the little boy with the fishing line has lost his job.

  • cinematicjackass

    Thanks for your comments, everyone!

    @Sheela: Yep, that makes sense, and that’s something I never would’ve thought of!

    @Ankur: I find your mom’s story delightful. And your interpretation too.

    @Ebert: That’s hilarious!

  • Rinnu

    well….I feel its about da focus in lyf.The man is focussing on what he is doing i.e looking at the stars and not bothering about whats happening around him.
    Awesome piece…keep it up

  • Sahiti

    the moon was bullied by the sun n is crying. lame, i know. btw that peice on twilight– amazing.

  • Estella

    The man has come to this place to reflect. He is faced with a situation that he cannot understand. He is experiencing the unbellievable and ready to give up. He shares this with the moon and where he could not, the the moon crys for him. The story is so overwhelming, the stars can hardly hold their places in the sky, so a few fall, overwhelmed with the man’s story. The man finds hope to know that the moon and the stars care that much!

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