INCEPTION! – The 50’s Version Trailer

Anyone who knows me would know of my open affair with films and movies. And as much as I love watching them, I love making them! I, every now and then, try my hand at editing, coming up with fan trailers and stuff, the same stuff you see on YouTube everyday. All though I’ve sharply reduced my YouTube uploading, I just uploaded my own fan-made trailer for Christopher Nolan’s latest film, ‘INCEPTION’, modeled after the trailers of Alfred Hitchcock’s films from the 1940’s and 50’s.

The audio is picked from the trailers of ‘Rear Window’, ‘Spellbound’ and ‘Vertigo’. The words are my own, but those are just like what they normally cover the entire screen with. Music from those three trailers too.

It’s so fascinating to see how movie trailers have evolved over the years. See this video and see the real trailer; you can see how things have changed over half a decade!


If you enjoyed that, you can also see my other trailer mash-up, ‘The Bloody Clown’ (a trailer of a film pitting the spy James Bond against the criminal mastermind the Joker)…

– Cinematic Jackass, signing off 😀


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