The Past Two Months in FB Status Updates…

I’m not a Twit. Or a Tweeter. Or whatever a Twitter person’s called. I’m not sure. I’m not much of a blogger either. I’m new to the whole online community thing. Of course, like most people, I’m no stranger to the addictive world of Facebook, and a two hobbies of mine are writing status updates and uploading trippy, fresh profile pictures.

Having no idea as to what to blog about today, I thought it’d be fun to go through the past two months (July, August, 2009) of my life in FB status updates. Of course, this isn’t all of them. Also, they’re slightly edited to make them less personal and to weed out all the friend tags. Have fun reading!

(These flow backward chronologically, from August 31st to July 1st)

Today, I discovered that owls are beautiful creatures. And I watched, with endless fascination, as children carried on with their innocent lives. These are the events that today brought in, among many other rather pathetic ones. But despite all those sickening events, remembering that owls are beautiful and that children and charmingly innocent makes me smile and forget my worries. 🙂

And now I will descend into sleep. And dream of something, anything. In dreams, I find solace- for even if the dream is a terrible nightmare, it eventually has no consequence; I wish life was so.

I’m back in Sharjah. And you know what? Never have I felt worse about leaving Bangalore. I felt a sick kicking in my stomach as I drove from the airport back to my building… as we drove by the sandy emptiness with perfect building block structures filling up the view. I’ve never felt this way before. I want to go back to Bangalore. Dammit, I feel like I’m being digested here.

Krishna Shenoi wants 12th Grade, complete with tuitions, tests, and board exams, to just go by quietly and make way for the beginning of real life.

Krishna Shenoi is getting sick of living, breathing, eating, sleeping… and yet essentially doing absolutely nothing.

A very wise man once said, “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” The pioneers of the Indian education system, very wise men for sure, took the saying so literally that they found the need to burn all their students’ thinking skills by stripping down valuable knowledge to blocks of text to be subject to rote learning and cramming. Sigh.

Asianet’s ‘Idea Star Singer’ is the very antithesis of quality TV shows. The judges are most self indulgent, self obsessed and verbose in their judgment (or rather dismissal) of the poor contestants. The show drags on for a miserable hour and a half every day, filled by mind numbing stretches of time in which I can literally feel the pedantic judges pompously excreting on my unguarded brain.

Today was yet another eventful day! 1. Went bowling, 2. Got three strikes and even more gutter balls, 3. Enjoyed Air Hockey, 4. Got wet, amidst the raining skies of Bangalore!, 5. Went on an Auto ride for the first time since the surgery… and no. 6, potentially the most spectacular event… I’m going to eat a whole medium pizza today, and you sure as hell can’t stop me!

Having had deeply enjoyed ‘WAKING LIFE’, I wanted to check out Richard Linklater’s other films. I went ahead and saw ‘BEFORE SUNRISE’ and its better sequel, ‘BEFORE SUNSET’. Engaging, different and fascinating, these two films simply follow an American man and a French woman as they talk about astonishingly varied topics. I cannot even describe how engrossing their talks were, and how true the romance. GREAT MOVIES.

My Dad :: “Where is this Miss Universe 2010 thing being held?” / My clever sister :: “Las Vegas, Malaysia.”

Today was eventful. 1. Went to an Indian wedding, 2. Decided not to go through with such an ordeal myself, 3. Saw an auto-rickshaw with the words ‘Love is Danger’ on its back, 4. Wondered what that was all about, 5. Met the most well-read man I will ever meet, 6. Played badminton, despite my ass problem, 7. Wrote the most random status update ever.

Two recent developments in my life: (1) I’m gonna take up architecture. (2) My poor bum in undergoing a surgery tomorrow…

I’m so bored. I’m so bored I’m bored of being bored. In fact, I’m bored of being bored of being bored.

Krishna Shenoi watched ‘INCEPTION’ for the third time today, this time in Bangalore. And you know what? I realize it’s an even greater film than I thought it to be in the first place. The film’s an extraordinary one, and that’s an adjective I use very selectively. I urge those who liked the movie the first time to go and enjoy it again… you’ll gain so many insights and find out so many possibilities for new interpretation.

“I reached my hand out into the dark to grab what I wanted from life. But in the time my hand was stretched out, just as I got close to holding onto my dream, I retracted my hand, scared and bloody, contributions of the resistance who tried to draw me toward another dream, but one not mine.” – Kris Naschnoy (that reads Krishna Shenoi)

After properly analyzing both South Indian and North Indian award shows on TV, I’ve come to this conclusion:: North Indians make way too much fun of South Indians on these shows. What’s worse… South Indians make way too much fun of themselves.

Two things I’ve realized about the common Mallu:

A. If he doesn’t know you by name, he/she will address you as, “Hullo!”

B. If he wants to know you by name, he/she will say, “What is your ‘good’ name?”

Krishna Shenoi is pretty close to heaven… yes, I’m in God’s Own Country. I’m looking for God, but I’m finding mosquitoes.

Krishna Shenoi had a great great day after oh so long a time, a day with big scary ants, termite carrying, shop-floor sitting, sweaty walking, pizza eating, places with sunlight and air-conditioning and just pure awesomeness. ♥ . Come to think of it, the day might have been greater with a little less ‘Salt’. (a reference to the movie)

If the writer of the ‘The Da Vinci Code’ film wrote ‘Transformers’ :: “It’s gonna transform into a figure of convoluted explosive fragments of metallic shrapnel that pees and speaks through a radio! It all started some time in 1864, when a…”

For the past seven months or so, ‘AVATAR’ has been pretending to be the most stunning sci-fi fantasy of our generation. Now, the real one has come along. ‘INCEPTION’.

For those of you who thought ‘INCEPTION’ was ingenious: Watch ‘ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND’. It’s a devilishly clever romantic sci-fi fantasy with a brilliant concept involving the erasing of memories. It too demands an attentive audience, with its layers over layers of memories and subplots. It’s probably as fascinating as ‘INCEPTION’, if not a truer insight into the workings of the human mind.

Is it possible for a man to direct a film as groundbreaking as ‘The Dark Knight’ and then come up with something just as brilliant after that? Christopher Nolan accomplishes that feat. “INCEPTION” is one of the best sci-fi films I have ever seen. It’s a technical masterpiece, with its brilliant special effects and visuals, and a masterwork of editing and concept.

“STEAMBOAT WILLIE” (1928) is currently my favorite animated film!

Okay guys, kick me in the nuts. Hammer me on Facebook. Ask me why over and over… okay, here goes. I think “IRON MAN 2” is on the same low tier as “Spider-Man 3” in my books. It has all the symptoms of Sequelitis. So kill me.

The “Twilight” books and movies are the best sources of entertainment and enlightenment ever to have graced this planet. There, Twi-hards, happy now? Wow, I’ll probably go to hell for lying to such an extent.

“The Twilight Saga : Eclipse” is, or so the trailers claim, the motion picture phenomenon we’ve been waiting for! Sure, and I’m the winner of this year’s Miss Universe pageant.

Why, oh why is the world so intent on shoving Waka Waka into my ears and down my throat!? Playing on the radio, blaring on the TV, repetitively being yelled out everywhere, really ruining the whole thing… and further ruined by my sister’s bathroom singing. Sigh.

Krishna Shenoi should be sad, and for a quite a few reasons, but he’s happy instead, and that has to do with the fact that he’s started painting for pleasure again, that he has decided to try and take a stand, and that he knows a few friends will always be there for him. Having just re-read his weird status, he smiles. He knows it’s true.

I accept that’s how the world works, but I don’t agree with it.

That’s all for now, folks!

And once again, Cinematic Jackass signs off!


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