On ‘INCEPTION’, and IMDB’s Top 250 List Being Total Crap

Here’s this year’s ‘Avatar’. The movie everyone is talking about. ‘Inception’. If you haven’t seen it yet, what in heaven’s name are you doing on this blog? Jump into a cab and get to a cinema quick!

Like I was saying, ‘Inception’ is, arguably, one of the most talked about movie in years. People keep explaining their theories, debating them out, and watching and re-watching that great film over and over again. “The top keeps spinning,”. “No, it stops. You can hear a toppling sound.” “The part in Mombasa has to be a dream!”. “No, it’s impossible. Someone is ‘incepting’ Cobb himself!”. “Who’s dream are they in during that scene?”. “Isn’t that kick thing wrong at the climax?”… It’s a film so mesmerizing and so high-concept, it’ll be debated over and restudied for years to come. It’s got some of the best actors in the business, it has the best cinematography, editing and special effects I’ve seen on the big screen in a while, and it’s got that awe-inspiring title attached to it : “From Christopher Nolan, the Director of ‘The Dark Knight’”. Now that isn’t something to be taken lightly.

And yeah, it obviously was destined to make a lot of money, what with ‘The Dark Knight”s $1 Billion box office draw (As I write this, ‘Inception’ is sitting on $560 million, which is exceptionally high for a non-adaptation, non-sequel film).

Nolan always made great films that were too complicated for mainstream audiences, but this time around, he’s doing it on a larger budget, so regardless of whether or not the viewers get a complete understanding of that balancing act of a plot, they will surely have a great time with all the action and the visuals and stuff. To add to the film’s achievements, it’s got a respectable 87% positive rating on RottenTomatoes.com. And I read a lot of Oscar buzz articles already. Fair enough.

These are true testaments to ‘INCEPTION”s quality. But not its 9.3/10 rating on the Internet Movie Database, IMDB.com. You cannot trust IMDB’s Top 250 Movies list at all. I think it’s one of the most inaccurate movie lists in existence, and I’ll give you three good reasons you should think so too:

1. Extreme Opinions:

If a little girl, let’s say an absolute fanatic, enjoyed ‘High School Musical’, she’d foolishly give it a 10/10, when anyone who knows squat about cinema knows HSM isn’t exactly the epitome of musical-film-making. On the other hand, a pubescent boy might give it a zero. See what I mean by extreme opinions? The judgement of anything, be it a book or a movie, must be done fairly and relatively. Isn’t this reason enough? Not really, I know.

2. Initial Hype:

The second ‘Avatar’ released, it was way up in that list. Why? Unsuspecting people, caught up in all the hype, voted 10s for it. “The cinematic masterpiece of our generation; the biggest adventure of all time,” they’d read here and there and get their opinions disoriented. Heck, even initial reviews were grossly enthusiastic, until time passed and people saw what the movie really was… a visually brilliant film with a plot as predictable as a chick-flick’s. If you keep a track of any recent film’s ratings, you’ll see significant drops over time. ‘Inception’ is number three today. Check a month from now. It might be a two digit, or maybe even a three digit number. Still not reason enough?

3. The Dark Knight Controversy…

‘The Dark Knight’ was, and is, one of my favorite movies of all time. But there’s a little story to be told to you that might just change your mind about IMDB’s list.

I’ve sourced the following from a website called ‘strat.in’

1. In April 2008, The Godfather I was the best rated movie in at that time.The Top 3 movies on this date were :

  1. The Godfather I
  2. The Shawshank Redemption
  3. The Godfather II

2. TDK is released. It exceeds all the fans’ expectations . The Batman fans go crazy with all of them giving 10/10 rating for the movie.

3. Still the movie could not attain the highest rating on IMDb.

4. The only way for TDK to move up is by voting down The Godfather I.

5. All the Batman fans start hate-voting The Godfather I.  A hate vote is a vote given to a movie solely to decrease its rating vis-a-via one’s favourite movie. In IMDb a hate vote is a 1/10 vote. Listed below are the percentages of hate votes for a few IMDb top 10 movies…

If you notice, The Godfather I has an artificially high percentage of hate votes. These votes were given by the Batman fans to bring it down from the no.1 spot. The Godfather fell down from no. 1 not to 2 but to 3. TDK went up to 1 momentarily for a few weeks. The Shawshank redemption stayed at the same 2nd position.

6. Weeks passed and people started realizing that TDK at IMDb no.1 is a fad and it is not the best movie ever made. So votes are corrected to the lower side and TDK starts falling. (Current rank of TDK is 11)

7. Though TDK fell from 1 to 11 , The Godfather could not regain the 1st rank. The damage is done. The hate votes still remain. Nothing can be done about them.

8. The Shawshank Redemption filled the no.1 slot now that TDK has fallen and currently voted by the IMDb users as the Best movie ever made.


So you can’t trust IMDB’s ratings AT ALL.

And you know what? Ask yourself… is ‘Inception’ really the third best film ever made?

Cause I can name a hundred better ones. ‘The Dark Knight’ included.

–  Cinematic Jackass, signing off.


6 responses to “On ‘INCEPTION’, and IMDB’s Top 250 List Being Total Crap

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  • Kenneth

    Thanks for the enlightening info about Hate Voting. Never knew about it. I too find IMDB ‘s top 250 filled with some movies that are not meant to be there.

  • Manpreet Sanghera

    Alright, look you moron. Should you be more concerned with Bollywood? I love how desi’s like you check up critical reviews for popular films and try and for an “educated” opinion. TDK was already number one, all the Godfather hate did was try and eliminate competition.
    Which, in turn, led to Shawshank beating it out and becoming number one.

    Second of all, Inception is a brilliant film and yes it deserves to be one of the top 10. TDK is a near-perfect, if not a perfect film. Your moronic logic is a joke just like your POS plagarising Bollywood. I guess all of us indians do have something in common don’t we?

    TDK was not voted 10 by Batman Fans, the same way a HSM fangirl can help it reach the top 250 because they only count votes by frequent users. So hopefully, you can masturbate to the lone reply you have ever gotten on your blog and try oing your research next time.

  • metaxeno

    you are a jackass

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  • The unknown commenter

    Manpreet, go fuck yourself. You’re exactly the kind of fanatic who removed the authenticity of the list.

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